Our First Blog Post – Stay tuned!

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In the dynamic world of trading, having access to certain tools and data has become crucial for one’s success. As avoid traders ourselves, we have experienced the same issues majority of retail traders have in their way of becoming a successful trader. Hence, we are happy to announce the introduction of our tool “OSIRIS” born from our own needs to suit all. 

At Osiris, we made it our mission to develop a simple yet very comprehensive tool to help traders navigate cryptocurrency markets more efficiently. We believe that the product born from our own experience will be a beneficial addition to each traders / analytics portfolio of tools. 

So, what is Osiris and why is it useful? 

First and foremost, our tool offers a real time screening of all cryptocurrency pairs (currently Binance listed only), providing various sorting categories and algorithms. 

Why is this important? 

When we started trading, we figured out that jumping early on any moves would improve our profitability. Hence, we thought to find real time screening tools, however, after using various software and tools from the internet we thought to design our own tool, much simpler to use, more customizable, and FREE! We happily present you the tool that we used in our trading completely FREE of charge https://scalpscreener.com. Secondly, with the development of computing technologies and rapid rise of AI, we also started to develop and use different algorithmic strategies. Whether they would be signal generating and trading algorithms helped to get a better picture of markets. At Osiris, we are working to develop generic AI models that could be well suited to cryptocurrency markets. We can’t wait to announce our new algorithms very soon. 

Finally, and equally important, here at Osiris, we are advocates of knowledge sharing. Given that we decided to start our own education blog where we will share our knowledge in the markets. We will explore with you the basics of trading and try to navigate the markets. We promise you that the topics covered in our blog will help you in your future career in trading, no matter which asset class you decide to follow in the future. To conclude, at Osiris, our vision is to provide you with a simple, yet with a complete ecosystem to aid you in your endeavors in markets.

Stay tuned!