Version History

Last updated: March 29, 2024

VERSION 0.3.1, BUILD 40328

• Added "notifications" to the website, you will be notified on important price moves, blog posts, etc. Soon to be added user-defined price action notifications.

• Bug fixes.

VERSION 0.3.0, BUILD 40319

• Introducing new features of Osiris AI model. Now Osiris AI can determine the local and global trends of tickers.

• Introducing a brand new Blog section.

• Now you can easily share ticker from screener page with your friend.

• Now Osiris will remember all your pinned tickers until you end your current session.

• Also this version includes much more UI polishes.

VERSION 0.3.0, BUILD 40310

After nearly a year of beta testing, Osiris is gradually preparing for release. Osiris is at the last stage of beta testing, which is the first step of the third version, preparing the way for official release. Since the app core has completely changed, we are gradually rolling back new features to avoid problems with data migrations. Starting today, every component of the app will be gradually updated, and mass testing of version 3 will begin, with quite pleasant changes planned in this version.

• Coin search has been more convenient, as you can now search from any page.

• The registration process has been simplified, as the amount of required data has been greatly decreased.

• Added the option to sign up using Telegram or Google.

• Also added the possibility to link Google and Telegram accounts to your personal Osiris Account.

• Currently, all data on the Market page is being updated in real-time.

• Same real time update we made for Densities page.

• We worry about your device's battery life, thus while the Osiris window is not on focus, real time data updating is switched to inactive mode.

• You are able to edit your account settings from the Screener page, and they will be applied instantly.

• The ability to pin a chart has been added to the Screener page. We honestly feel that this is a critical feature since the order of the charts on the Screener page changes in real time, and many charts may simply disappear, denying you the ability to monitor Your favorite ticker without missing market updates.

• Also, this version has quite a few cosmetic improvements that you may notice while using the site.

VERSION 0.2.2, BUILD 40227

• You can now sort trading pairs based on BTC correlation index.

• Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

VERSION 0.2.2, BUILD 40125

• New trading pairs have been added and our AI model has successfully analyzed the price action of these trading pairs.

• With this update activation codes become invalid after 72 hours, and unactivated accounts are automatically deleted after 7 days.

VERSION 0.2.2, BUILD 31210

• New trading pairs have been added and our AI model has successfully analyzed the price action of these trading pairs.

• We've been hard at work making Osiris AI better for you. For this version we've made a bunch of performance enhancements to make sure everything's running as smooth as possible.

VERSION 0.2.1, BUILD 31016

• A new Knowledge Base section

Contact Us page separated from Knowledge Base

VERSION 0.2.1, BUILD 31013

• Limitless historical candlestick data.

• Added density data to the chart and the ability to show / hide it.

• Speed and stability improvements.

VERSION 0.2.1, BUILD 31006

• Improved Search functionallity.

• Added candlestick information next to the cursor.

• Added actual funding rate information and the ability to show or hide it.

• Added the option to sort charts based on the current funding rate and the ability to change the default sorting option.

• Added Contact form. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send us a message.

• Bug fixes and stability improvements.